August 8, 2022
Why is Telemetry Important for LPG?
Do you know that LPG powers the Olympic torch? Matter of fact, there are over 1000 applications of LPG, and so hundreds of millions LPG users. LPG is the world’s most versatile energy source. Many industries depend on it. So effectively monitoring LPG tanks’ levels and getting insights on consumption are critical for any sector or household that relies on it.
July 6, 2022
What is the Difference: Ultrasonic vs. Diaphragm Gas Meter
Gas suppliers rely heavily on gas meters, and rightfully so. Gas meters continuously measure the amount of gas delivered to each customer. And so, they lay the foundations for customer billing. In the last decades, gas meters remained relatively the same since the fundamentals of how to measure remained also the same. But this is […]
May 11, 2022
Why is 5G Important for Oil and Gas?
The world is going crazy over oil and gas. The oil and gas market is expected to grow over the next 6 years. To meet the rise in demand, oil and gas exploration is getting further from the shore. Which means more remote locations and higher dependence on network communications. And with an industry characterized […]
March 30, 2022
WASSLZ attends Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona
This March, many companies and connectivity enthusiasts got together at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona for the Mobile Environment Congress 2022 to explore the recent breakthroughs in 5G and mobile technologies. It was the world’s most important event for connectivity. The Event WASSLZ involvement in the Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona was a […]