WASSLZ announces partnership with Unigaz to apply LPG Remote Level Indicator solution within the kingdom of Jordan

November 18, 2021
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October 18, 2021
Amman, Jordan, 18/11/2021, WASSLZ and Unigas signed a partnership agreement on 29/3/2021 to distribute WASSLZ LPG Remote Level indicator, platform and device, through Unigaz to Jordanian market. Unigaz is implementing the smart gas solution for all its clients and in its enterprise activities too.

The Agreement

The LPG giant was provided by WASSLZ team of experts the LPG Remote Level Indicator devices, IoT platform that can analyze data and perform certain tasks, and lastly, training and installation.

Baker Sharif – Country Manager of Unigaz said in a testimonial “We were able to recognize the value of their monitoring system, software and hardware, and its positive contribution to our fleet management shortly after installing the solution. Moreover, with less customer runouts, customer satisfaction is continuously increasing.” WASSLZ is honored by this testimonial, “We are proud of this partnership. Unigaz has been a supportive and responsive partner, and this collaboration exemplifies their dedication to remaining pioneers in the LPG sector and to always adopting the latest advancements in technology.” said Belal Affouri – Co-founder and CTO of WASSLZ.

Teaming up with Unigaz is an exciting development for WASSLZ as a company and for the country as a whole as the outcome changes the way LPG is consumed and distributed, moreover it transforms the relationship between LPG providers and users.

About Unigaz

With over 63 years of operating in different establishments and carrying out numerous LPG projects across the Middle East, Unigaz was one of first few providers in the region to offer comprehensive gas services. And to this day, Unigaz is still known for spearheading the LPG industry with its modern all-inclusive solutions.


WASSLZ is recognized in the Internet of Things sector for creating turnkey solutions designed specifically for the LPG industry which allow the streamlining of traditional operations, enabling fluid and smart services across the board for LPG providers.