IoT Turnkey Solutions

WASSLZ Provides a complete Customizable IoT solutions which consist of:

Hardware design in-house

WASSLZ uses state of the art technology to implement the optimum solutions for its customers . This may involve building or using existing devices / hardware.

Management of the devices, applications, or network (even though the network belongs to a third party)

WASSLZ provides informative dashboard the displays system data and history, and an option for remote management (OTA).

Application-level & Middleware programming

WASSLZ solutions includes programming on the IoT Gateway, Cloud, and the distributed middleware to integrate all of the elements together.

Smartphone & tablet Apps

This provides user-friendly access to the status of the sensors, data reports, and control through Smartphone and tablets. Wasslz solution support access & control through smartphones and tablets including iOS and Android.

Cloud development, and operations

IoT applications can have a cloud component, the solution would need the cloud infrastructure, the IoT middleware portion running on the cloud and IoT application which provides the functionality.

Analytics, Mining, Business intelligence

WASSLZ solutions can be integrated with other products and solutions for advanced analytics, Wasslz may leverage analytic solutions from other companies, integrate with third-party solutions to meet the need of our customers.

IoT Industries

View and control things from various industries

Smart Home/Business


Energy Metering

Agriculture & More


WASSLZ, an innovative company specialized in providing comprehensive IoT(Internet of things)/M2M solutions covering industries such as (Energy, Water, Electricity, Agriculture, Waste, Smart Home, Smart Cities) using embedded firmware and driver design, Low power MCU/SOC development, Cloud connectivity with LoRa /Wi-Fi/ NB-IoT /GSM/Radio.

WASSLZ provides complete solutions and customizable user-friendly platforms covering all aspects of the product in-house, from concept to production, and customizes the hardware/software platform as a fully integrated solution, this gives a significant advantage when it comes to quality of delivered innovations, speed to market.  has an expert team with reliable technology and processes to execute IoT applications in the region.