IoT Turnkey Solutions

WASSLZ offers complete & customizable IoT solutions which consist of:

In-House Hardware Design

We use state of the art technology to implement the optimum solutions for you. This includes building new devices and hardware, or utilizing existing ones.

Management of Devices, Applications & Networks (Including 3rd Party Networks)

WASSLZ provides informative dashboard. The system displays current & historical data with an option for remote management (OTA).

Application-Level & Middleware Programing

Our solutions include programing on the IoT gateway, cloud & the distributed middleware to integrate all of the elements together.

Smartphone & Tablet Apps

WASSLZ solution supports access & control through smartphones & tablets including iOS & Android. This provides user-friendly access to the status of the sensors and data.

Cloud Development & Operations

IoT applications can have a cloud component, the solution would need the cloud infrastructure, the IoT middleware portion running on the cloud and IoT application which provides the functionality.

Analytics, Mining & Business Intelligence

WASSLZ solutions can be integrated with other products & solutions for advanced analytics to meet the need of our customers.

IoT Industries

View and control things from various industries

Smart Home/Business


Energy Metering

Agriculture & More


Smart Solutions, Made Easy.

WASSLZ is dedicated to digitally transforming how people live, work and automating industrial processes in the region and beyond by empowering individuals and enterprises through technology.

From building the hardware to designing the platform, we take pride in covering all aspects of the solutions in-house, right from initial conception to full scalable production. As we are one of the few among neighboring countries to specialize in developing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions completely internally, this allows faster time to market, total customization and more innovative freedom.

Behind the brand is a team of experts and reliable technology; embedded firmware driver, driver design, low power MCU/SOC development and cloud connectivity with NB-IoT / LTE CAT-M / GPRS / Bluetooth / LoRa / Wi-Fi / Radio.